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Albuquerque Energy Healing by Janet Doerr

“Know What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You!” AND ENERGY HEALER.”

Do you have one or more health concerns that don’t seem to heal?

Do you sense there must be something deeper going on at the root of your health experiences?


After twenty-five-plus years in corporate leadership roles, my soul got my attention with a health issue. At only age 52, I was in significant pain in both my hips and had a diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis.  Within two years, I had one hip replaced.

I soon left my corporate career, and I started improving my health. I wondered if it would be possible to heal my second hip naturally - somehow.

I tuned into my Spirit through meditation, and I overhauled my diet. I was guided step by step to new foods, herbs, and other healing supports and my powerful intuitive gifts emerged. I healed severe osteoarthritis in my second hip without surgery. I also restored my memory and joyful spirit, improved my vision, and restored a healthy weight.  

I started practicing yoga and learned to get quiet and listen to my body. In the process, I released the stuck emotion trapped in my body and received the messages that it had for me.

Do you sense your body has some messages for you?

Would you like to enjoy vibrant health and restore your energy?



I help my clients discover the underlying emotions and causes of many health issues and learn how to heal them naturally.

Do you have a health issue that has been with you for a long time?

I know how frustrating, confusing and downright demoralizing it can be to have a health issue that just does not heal.

Let me share a little about some of my own experiences. I want you to know there is both hope and help!

In my own journey, I had years of repetitive lung issues. I had pneumonia four times, numerous chest x-rays, and had many rounds of antibiotics. In my early twenties, I had a strange and unexplained bout of pleurisy, which completely baffled my doctor. It took me down for nearly two months, clearing up as suddenly and mysteriously as it arrived.

I also experienced chronic fatigue. I was in a complete state of exhaustion for several months, and was deeply fatigued for nearly two years.

All of those experiences are now behind me. I finally got to the root cause of each set of symptoms, and I now enjoy wonderful health. I discovered that these issues had their roots in deeply hidden emotions and energies stored in my body. I also learned what my body needed to heal.

As a child and later as a young woman, I had a really hard time with death. When I attended funerals, I often felt that if I started crying I would never stop, so I never allowed myself to feel that deeply.

Three old and dear animal companions died within a short period of time and the grief I felt was deep and raw. That river of tears that I hadn’t dared to feel finally came out. And then my Mother died and I went even deeper.

My path to healing my second arthritic hip also took me down a long path of discovery. I uncovered hidden messages and suppressed emotion that was very old. All of it was just waiting patiently for me to get quiet, to surrender and to receive the messages.




Blown Away! So Much Cleared… Experienced A Shift Like Never Before

During my phone session with Janet I was taken on a journey that included past lives, attached entities, angels and guides. It is astounding that you can live with a health challenge for so long and do all the right things to make it better, but it never gets resolved. I am blown away as to how much was cleared in one hour with a shift I have never experienced ever before. I have been to many energy healers and medical intuitives over the years, but no one holds a candle to what Janet did for me. She is the real deal and blessed with a magnificent talent! I am so grateful I found her, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!


Sue D.

Five Week Program Is Unparalleled

I have been a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner for over 13 years and in that time, I have taken MANY online webinars from a variety of people: many who are considered Rock Stars in their field. But my experience with Janet’s 5-week program is unparalleled. So much wonderful information from a woman who is sincerely committed to her work and to helping others. Thank you, Janet … you are a treasure and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


Stefani Sherwin CHT

Grief, Resentment and Suffocation - Literally Lifted from Lungs

I’m very happy to be working with the amazing Janet Doerr! During my session with her a whole big chunk of grief, resentment and suffocation was literally lifted from my lungs... I didn’t expect such a huge shift! Not only was I giggling away (after coughing, crying, blowing my nose, spitting... sorry!) but I noticed I was less out of breath, more willing to move and enjoy my body, and generally in a very uplifted mood even when outward circumstances prove to be challenging: THANK YOU dear Janet!”


Caroline S. France



Did You Know . . .

Your body is always lovingly trying to get your attention!
A health condition can be healed when the message is received and the root cause cleared.

Chronic illness often has its roots in more than one cause.
You may have suppressed and stored emotion from life’s experiences, such as anger, sadness, or grief.

Stored anger can manifest as inflammatory conditions.
Grief is often stored in the lungs and can manifest as lung illnesses, such as pneumonia, or asthma. Sadness and heartache can literally affect the health of your precious heart!

We take on beliefs and energetic patterns (programs) from our parents, teachers, society, and ancestors. If those beliefs are limiting you from freely expressing yourself in JOY, your body may try to get your attention as it invites you to become more aligned with your true self.
Of course, food intolerances and build-ups of toxins like pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals, can also play a role in health issues.

A single experience of feeling unwell may force you to slow down and get quiet. In those quiet moments, you may be shown it is time for some change.
Having an injury or illness can help you to learn how to ask for more help from others and practice receiving support, which may be just the lesson your higher self wants you to receive!

A period of ill-health can provide so many blessings, as you get an opportunity to release old emotions, beliefs, and toxic residues, while learning to be more gentle with, and loving of yourself.

Did you know health issues in your hips may be trying to show you where you do not feel supported?
Did you know that neck and shoulder pain may have a message about where you are taking the weight of the world upon your shoulders?
Did you know that what you make matter, creates matter, and can literally result in things like kidney stones, fibroids, or growths?







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